What can Camera Shades do for you?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product you 30 days to claim your 100% money back guarantee if the product doesn’t achieve any of the features here.

Camera Shades comes with 1 year factory warranty for any defects outside the scope of consumer damages.

 The choice is yours either you want to capture all your moments on the move hands-free, full HD in all weather conditions.

So if your with me and all other Camera Shades customers click the link below and buy your set of Camera Shades and we will throw in a protective case for your Camera Shades.

If you were to go out now and buy the best quality HD camera you could spend thousands of dollars.

However, that product is to bulky for you and would settle for a smaller water proof camera which could fetch $500 dollars or so to meet the demands of your adventure.

Being on the move and in extreme conditions you would not be able to take quality photos with the correct angle…

You would then expect to pay thousands of dollars upwards to get a product that is small, provides quality video and is weather resistant.

We have sourced and created a product that has been made affordable. $299 or even $399 dollars would an absolute steal for a product of this Quality.

Camera Shades offers real value. For the rest of the week I am offering you a set of Camera Shades for the unbelievable price of $149 dollars and free shipping inside Australia.

This new product allows Full High definition video to be captured without the use of hands during any activity. Rain, hail or shine!

  • Capture even the most difficult climbing route using Camera Shades to capture every step.

  • Easily avoid the annoying mistake of missing the camera angle as where you look the Camera Shades look.

  • Keep your hands free as you tackle a wild beast or capturing that massive tuna as the Camera Shades record every detail.

  • Full HD recording will enable all footage from your Camera Shades to look amazing and ensure bragging rights to your friends.

  • Recording on or near the water is no problem with Camera Shades as they are water resistant.

  • Push yourself to the limit with Camera Shades by not have to carry around massive and fragile camera gear.

  • Point of view recording with 75 degree angle will ensure your Camera Shades capture every moment.

Would you like to capture moments without the use of your hands?

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Taking award winning video can seem like a pipe-dream especially when your riding, climbing or on the water. There can never seem to be a product that can complete this task hands free.

If you have been looking for a way to capture moments during activity in Full High Definition and complete it  with a Product that won't break the bank.

Well this product will be the most important item you read of this year!


>Weather Proof

>1080p Full HD recording

>Point of View recording

>USB connection and charging

>Interchangeable Lens – Comes with UV protection and Clear set

>2 hours battery life

>8GB of memory >> 2 hrs of recording in full 1080p HD

>1 year Manufacturers warranty

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My name is Bear Mac and I am your typical mid-twenties something avid - traveller, sportsman and adventurer.

I like you have travelled, climbed mountain peaks, enjoyed the surf trying various products that will enable me to capture those moments in full HD, keeping my hands free and taking those moments in the best possible angle.  

Unfortunately given the products available are difficult to capture these moments, many of the products available do not suit my lifestyle.

Until I discovered this simple product…